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Athens Xclusive Designers Week
27/04/2016 11:49

The sun is shining in Athens: in the crowded streets of Psyrri, in the boutiques of Kolonaki, Syntagma Square and the Parliament, to the ruins of the Acropolis overlooking the entire city. It breathes an unnatural calm in the face of such beauty that can be admired in silence. At first glance, the Greek capital does not seem changed, but the economic crisis that began in 2009 has not yet been resolved, indeed. The situation is stable, the most optimistic people. Everyone seems to have found a way - right or wrong - to address the nation's financial problems. Elena Kountoura, former athlete and supermodel, is the Minister of Tourism of the Government of Alexis Tsipras, on the line to save Greece wants to put everything on tourism (growing) but also on fashion, a business far too underrated but thanks to the experience of Kountoura and talent of young local designers, could grow more than you can imagine. In this direction they work tirelessly Tonia Fouseki and the team with Athens Xclusive Designers Week, the only event that aims to promote Greek fashion internationally.(formal dresses australia)

The nineteenth edition of AXDW presented more than 40 collections of young designers and established names for some time, such as Lakis Gavalas, a national legend. The fashion gurus and business was the first to import into Greece international brands opening its first boutique in Athens, then to Mykonos and so on, but because of the serious fiscal pressures has declared bankruptcy and a few years later he started from scratch with his line. His debut on the catwalk is (really?) A success: deconstructed polo bags as hats, wooden clogs and hand painted models that shoot ping pong balls from the mouth. In short, with a unique style and a certain sense of humor Gavalas in 20 minutes conquers all. "I've been away from fashion for a long time, in the past with my store I imported all the major brands. Gucci, Dior, Saint Laurent ... But after the financial problems in Greece I had to declare bankruptcy and in 2010 I created my brand, which has a very low price compared to others. The most expensive head of my collection costs about 110 €. So it's a trendy, quality product, but cheap and people will buy it gladly. In fact, my clients are pretty hardcore. Today everyone suffers the crisis and no one can afford to buy luxury brand. That's why people come to me. "

Gavalas is not the only one that managed to find its space. Some people like Natalia Jaroszewska, has even moved to Greece from Poland, where it remains one of the most respected names in the fashion local system. But because a Polish designer of success choose to move right in Greece, where the market appears to be much more difficult than most others? "I moved to Cyprus when I got married.

And when I came here three years ago, the crisis was still ongoing, and it was not an easy time to invest. I was scared to start a business here but since I opened my boutique in Cyprus 8 months ago sales are going very well. And the reason is probably that my style is very different than what you can find on the island, which is surprisingly complicated and heavy. Why I can sell so well. My clothes you can wear to go to the beach but also for a cocktail or a party. They are simple but spectacular, the excellent cuts and the highest quality. And the result is a light look, never forced. "

Difficult but not impossible, therefore, especially if you have some experience in the field and can not read carefully the demand of the market, as demonstrated .Lak and Jaroszewska. Who is early in his career, however, it has not as easily to emerge, although the potential of new generations is immense. The confirmation comes with a day dedicated to new talents in 13 youngsters compete for New Designers Awards (Best Designer, Best Catwalk, Best Trendsetter). The first to parade among young people is Andry Anastasiou, class of 1994, Cyprus, recently graduated from AKTO School of Art & Design in Athens. He presented his first collection One suitcase ... so many journeys and says "I was inspired by the case of my grandfather, who traveled around the world by selling the famous lace Lefkaritika, embroidering hand my grandmother. With my collection I wanted to give new life to this lace so precious now forgotten. It is something that represents me, part of my identity and my culture. " We asked about his plans for the future: "I plan to produce my collection but I have not decided if I will propose a Greek boutique or in Cyprus. I want to address myself to a very specific target, I understand the artistic value of the lace and the craftsmanship of my creations. I do not want to produce too many bosses, I prefer to work on a few pieces that are unique and special. "

After Andry is the turn of Valia Kastrouny who discovered a passion for fashion while Erasmus at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice and when she came back in Greece has immediately decided to participate in the contest organized by AXDW despite not having a diploma in fashion design. "I had to show them some of my sketches to show that I was up and I was taken. I only had three months to make this collection so I left immediately from the search of the fabrics I chose to use the velvet and satin for six look for the other three. I wanted the result was something sexy and feminine, to wear in a city like New York or Milan "says Valia, who seems to have a clear idea about his future:" First I want to go back to school and study fashion design seriously. Possibly abroad, perhaps in London. Unfortunately we have not schools recognized internationally and although some work pretty well I prefer to trust to a name that I'm sure will be appreciated. "

If Valia Kastrouny for the moment does not consider the possibility of studying and working in Greece, on the contrary Chloe Moumbaris here she has found its origins. Born in Paris by French and greek father's mother moved to Athens seven years ago after finishing his studies in architecture and languages. "For me, Greece is paradise, always. It is a country that gives something more, for the heart and soul. I could never imagine to return to Paris because here I am so well that my creativity benefits from that. At first I went back to work as a French teacher but I always had a passion for design and fashion, and when the crisis began I said ok, whatever I decide to do it will be tough, so better choose something that I makes really happy. So I decided to start over. And I did it for real. " Chloe she enrolled at AKTO (she and Andry were classmates!) And with care, managed to graduate first in his class. Fascinated by knitting, she bought a knitting machine and decided that would be the basis for his first collection. Chloe was also one of the few - perhaps the only - to personally carry the shoes for the show: "I am convinced that the shoes are really important in a parade because it is from there that really understands the style of a designer." And he's right, of course. Now he is finishing his site with the aim to show and sell their work: "I want to start with something very simple, a platform where selling my knitwear. I do not have the means to undertake a big production so I'm going to focus on extreme quality unique pieces, halfway between ready-to-wear and haute couture ".

As well as Chloe Moumbaris even Fotini Lagaki has landed the fashion world after different experiences. Born and raised in Athens, he began to design and construct objects when he was only five years, which is why it was decided to study art. Instead he enrolled in the course of architecture and interior design at the Technological Educational Institute of Athens and, having specialized in textile design and digital print works for a while 'in a major architectural firm; then passion starts to sew and decided to return to school before the THEIA Lab, then at Central Saint Martins, where one of the teachers prompted her to start working on something of his own. "When I decided to participate in the competition organized by AXDW, I sent my portfolio and my proposal was immediately accepted. But I did not expect so I found myself realizing my collection in just 20 days ... the first sketch I have them drawn in two hours! I combined my love for Japan and all its tradition to that for space phenomena, the idea was to mix the past with the future. I made the prints working on some photos from NASA: I first colored watercolor and then transported in Illustrator to make a digital pattern. The hats instead are the result of my passion for geometry: first, I drew them in Illustrator, then I bought the plexiglass and I built them. " And it all has worked very well given that the Japanese a-spatial proposal Fotini has enabled it to win the Best Designer Award: "I am very happy, of course, and is a good reason to pursue this path. I did not expect it at all! Now I want to focus on my label, I think I will try to design a capsule collection but more professional. And then even more work with digital prints, which are my passion. "

The prize Best Catwalk, however, takes him home without Despina efforts Toulgaridis under the brand TLγδ (is his name in greek without vowels) and a spectacular parade that leaves everyone speechless. Former teacher of original tennis Cavala (in northern Greece), she moved to Germany in 2012 to study fashion at the Design Department in Düsseldorf. "Now I have 33 years but when I started it I was 30 and it was hard for me to start something new at this age. But I knew that if I had not done it now I would not have other opportunities, so I have decided. " The collection that has marched in Athens is called Time Travel and is the same as Despina arose when she graduated in Düsseldorf: "I wanted to make something that spoke to me and my family, so I made up old photos from the 40, 50 and 60 and I started to redraw them with my left hand and without looking at the paper, only the photographs. Then in the implementation of the leaders I followed strictly my illustrations, this is why so many look have asymmetrical cuts and shapes. " Along with the wonderful sequence of look is the end of the parade to pleasantly surprise the audience, when the latest model with real nonchalance starts dancing "It was during the 40s that you begin to spread this kind of music and people danced just as well dressed so I thought it worked perfectly with the concept of the journey in time. And then my boyfriend is a dancer ..! ".

Among the names to keep an eye on it is also to Christina Teligiannidou. Thessaloniki, 27, graduated from the Istituto Marangoni in London in 2012 to continue his studies in textile print design at Central Saint Martins. During the second year of the Marangoni he began working with Peter Pilotto, the third for Nicholas Oakwell and a year later - also in London - along with Nicole Coste and designer of Greek costumes Marianna G. "After all these experiences, I felt ready to start something of my own. I returned to Greece three months ago and when I learned of ADXW I decided to submit my candidacy. They told me the next day. " The collection of Christina is light, romantic, ultra feminine and sexy at the same time, rich in precious details and elegant work such as lace, pleats, ruffles. "It is not exactly the style I wear but that's what I love most do. When drawing the like are romantic dresses(http://www.dressesmallau.co/green-formal-dresses-c191/), and I love the lightweight fabrics. For this collection in particular I let myself be inspired by the shadows and their form, the idea that any person - or thing - may create a shadow, as well as a movement or the fold of a dress ". After the success of his debut - deserved a fourth prize, according to us - we are happy to know that Christina intends to remain in Greece in order to focus on its brand: "I plan to produce my own collection, expanding it with a few pieces that I We have excluded it for the parade we had a limit of 10 outfits. I want to propose here not only in Greece but also abroad, especially in London, which was my base for 9 years and in some ways it still is. "

The award Best Trendsetter (for the second time!) Wins the Joy Koumentakou, auburn-haired young woman - have likened repeatedly to Vivienne Westwood - who made the joy and color a winning tactic. But not only. Joy comes from the world of advertising and after working as a Marketing Manager for Coca Cola, has also opened its advertising agency. "Then at some point I started to want to create different things with my hands, like jewelry, for example, and I realized that everything he was making was receiving among the people some success. So I started with the accessories and three years ago I produced a bag-book with pop prints that quickly became a best seller. I took her to some fairs here in Greece and since I immediately received orders for nearly 80 shops ". It is also due to its ability of Businesswoman Joy manages to lay the solid foundations on which to build his brand, but also thanks to its special aptitude. "I realized that people were interested in this brand so pop, they could feel the positivity. And especially now, with the crisis, people need to laugh, to be happy. If you give them something other than black and white, I feel. The color, the feel. Perceive the energy. That's why I always wear many colors. " Joy decided to create a clothing collection because its customers were beginning to ask her clothes and she decided to do an experiment. "We marched for the first time here at AXDW in October and has been such a success! We were rewarded as Best Trendsetter and for us it was a surprise. Now we're here again, but at a higher level. With a better collection, better fabrics, prints made by us. And all produced here in Greece, for which I am very proud. "The Joy climb continues unabated: now has its own showroom, the Greek girls love it and the stores that bought his first stock market continue to make orders. In the future dreams of show in London, but at the same time understands well the importance of growing here in Greece, although the time is hard for everyone: "I consider myself the daughter of the crisis. Right now no one can afford to buy the big international brands at the same time do not want to compromise on quality, something new and original, provided that it has the lowest prices. And mine is the brand that responds to this request. I am convinced that the crisis is a great opportunity for a new designer ". And we can say that has certainly known how to make the most of.

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Zazie unveils the pacifist clip "Must not rely
28/03/2016 13:10
formal dresses, online

The talented Zazie unveiled the music video for "Must not rely", from her last album "Still happy". The highly visual clip, haunting music and strong lyrics will win over fans.

Dressesmall Persun V Neck Crystal Details Long Prom Gown

Green formal dresses

No need to Zazie. Author, composer and performer of genius, she reigns over the french musical landscape for over twenty years. Yet happy, her ninth album, in stores end of 2015, the artist speaks of love and book his feelings about today's world. After Discold and Pisa, Zazie has unveiled her new music video need not be relied. It shows the artist in evening dress sing a peaceful text alongside rugby players full melee under the eye of enthusiastic cheerleaders. "Oh but what is it them takes to fight all the time, C'mon I push you, that I hit you, be that it draws, it was" says the artist. A beautiful hymn to peace.
Check out the clip of need not rely, extract of the new album by Zazie still happy:
Zazie the enchanteuse
Light encounter with singer Zazie, as part of the release of his new album "Still happy". A record upbeat, but tinged with melancholy. Happiness, love, the evils of society, Zazie, uninhibited, not refrain no theme...

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Pincess wedding gowns 2016 online
14/03/2016 11:19
princess wedding dresses, online

Princess wedding gowns are very popular, and it's deeply rooted the culture of Great Briton. Though royal has not ruling right, but the royal members are still enjoy their high honor and status. In the heart of every young lady, it's their sweet dream to become the princess of their beloved groom. Today let me introduce gorgeous and noble princess ball gown wedding dresses online in 2016.

1. Ball gowns With lace

wedding dresses with laces

2.  Applique Princess wedding dresses

Applique wedding dresses

Wedding dresses Persun

3.  Princess gowns without sleeves

strapless wedding dresses

In this year, i think such elegant princess bridal gowns will be in fashion again. If you love such dresses, you might as well choose your cheap princess wedding dresses online.  Nowadays, there are a world of classic ball gown for your wonderful wedding time. In my opinion, if you have princes style ball gowns, it will be very convenient for your ball at that evening. Best wishes!

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Perfect wedding bridesmaid dresses online
29/01/2016 10:51
bridesmaid dressesonline

You probably have a busy schedule before the wedding, but it is important and interesting to buy the right bridesmaid gown within the acceptable budget. A previous online search before making the final decision gives the idea of the trends of this season. If have to worry about your clothes, their dresses in different shades and cuts could site for inspiration from your also the various procurement function or events where star flaunts effortlessly ideal Bridal dresses. They offer also the clear idea of the shoes, clutches and accessories to go with the outfit. If so, then it is not hard to find the best bridesmaid dresses.

There are brides who want or prefer your bridesmaids straps, in the form of a halter style dress, a short knee-length a or dress could be could give. However, the thing to keep in mind that the body type of the bridesmaids, who would wear it and wear confidence in a halter neck dress is. A contract, used wings to complete the look. As a black prom party dresses could be faced with a white wing. Diamond jewelry best with the black bridesmaid dresses WeddingBuy to go. If you do not like too many elaborate and junk accessories then just a pendent with a dazzling earring is the right choice.

Belt Strapless Satin Black Knee Length Bridesmaid Dress Dressesmall

Black bridesmaid dresses

Royal Blue bridesmaid party dresses an apt choice for a beach wedding party, where the clothing could can be a maxi dress in purple or a short sensual. The aura would of clothing to add a little bit of the ruffle to the dress. If you have bridesmaids who are tall and slender, a maxi dress a good idea not then would be the best idea, and if it were few stiletto with a perfect a knee-length dress. The Hollywood movies provide a variety of choices as well as to take over during the choice of royal blue bridesmaid dresses for the most beautiful day of her life. There are designers all over the world, who dresses works on bridesmaid apart from the dress of the bride or groom. Dresses of the family and the bridesmaid and the grooms plan maid, is a trend in the wedding planning company these days.

Ribbon V neck Taffeta A line Long Bridesmaid Dress Dressesmall

Purple bridesmaid dresses

Brides could bridesmaid dress options, such as the length, the cocktail, tea-length or floor-length could be, to choose. The neckline can bridesmaid dresses, shovel, bateau, a shoulder, honey and much more for Royal Blue Square. The detailing could be the extra look that could be supplied by a belt, decorating or a Swarovski Crystal. To it easier, a gloss or cabbage a dress could bags have to keep? The material can in different qualities like that of crinkle chiffon, Duchess satin, chiffon matte satin Lux, shaded, Matt Jersey vary, but a few of the versatility to name a few. So it’s best just go with the bridesmaid and then choose the fabric, that dress suited best with the brides is and complements the entire atmosphere of the wedding. It makes the wedding grand look and enhances the grandeur.

Anyway, the correct elegant bridesmaids dresses the best for your upcoming wedding party. Therefore, it is important to choose a bridesmaid dress, you make comfort and ease.

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Simple noble bridesmaid dresses
12/01/2016 12:26
bridesmaid dresses, onlinecheap

Now many wedding bridesmaid groups will choose to follow the bride side. A right bridesmaid dresses will flatter them as well as our brides.

Dressesmall Sweet Sweetheart Ruched Split A line Chiffon Long Bridesmaid Dress

photo: blue bridesmaid dresses

Bridesmaid bridesmaid wedding has become the most worried about things, bridesmaid dresses are generally simple style, and how to choose the noble properties in their own dress, but also need to work hard in colors and details on the dress. Beautiful bridesmaid dresses online.

Dressesmall Ruched One Shoulder Chiffon A line Long Bridesmaid Dress

photo: green bridesmaid dresses

 In 2016, you can buy cheap but attractive bridesmaids gowns to attend your friends' wedding. you needn't choose a ugly gown, and you  can your style in this New year.

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Tips to maintain bridal gowns after wedding
26/11/2015 13:29
wedding dresses, maintainace

1 The repair of wedding dresses
Most of the wedding gowns are made of yarn and usually accompanied by some beads and flowers on the wedding dresses, during the wedding dress will inevitably hook to cause cracking and loose beads, which will seriously affect the overall wedding dresses senses, so it is need to find a special bridal salon to help repair, so that the wedding dress will continuity of life.
beige princess style wedding dress

beige flower princess style wedding dress

2 The correct cleaning
After repairing the wedding dress, the next step is to clean up. Unlike ordinary clothing, wedding dress cleaning up is very exquisite. When you buy the wedding dress, you need to ask the fabric and the cleaning method which is essential for the maintenance of the back. During the wedding, the white wedding dress will inevitably be exposed to some of the stains, if not cleaned, stain is easily yellowed over time, so after the wedding, you need to get professional cleaning shop cleaning timely, just you shoulder remember that you can not dry it laundry. When cleaning the wedding dress, you can be sure to select a mild detergent nature, because the nature is too general bleach which will cause some of the details of the wedding dress on the corrosion. When you washing careful a little slowly remove substances. After washing the wedding dress, do not in the sun to dry, it should be placed in a cool place ventilated place to dry naturally, then folded it on the store and then storage it in a cool dry place, do not store, in the form of hangers hang put such easy to cause deformation after wedding dress long hang put clothes.
colored strapless ball gown wedding dress3 Wedding dresses packages save
After cleaning the wedding dress, do not put it in the closet hurry, at first, wedding dress need to be carefully ironing by ironing skilled technical workers from every part . After ironing the wedding dress, for the packaging material, we do not recommend using plastic to wrap dress, because it can cause permanent folds and gather moisture absorption gas, make clothes mildew. White copy paper or printing qualities of thin scrim fabric is the ideal packaging material. Note that the wedding dress will not hang up, because as time goes by, the wedding dress will produce vertical force, stretching or even tearing the skirt, so the folding store is most appropriate.

After going into the good acid-free wedding dress package, PH value is neutral, light, breathable the box, in order to avoid the light, dust, mold and insect infestation. Finally out of the box to put a protective outer box to enhance dust and dark, it is providing more sophisticated protection. Finally it is fitted wedding dress boxes placed in a cool, dry back light side and away from moisture.
green flower wedding dress4 Stretch out the wedding dress in a regular time
Do not think that you can do it on when you make this front steps, each year you need to stretch out the wedding dress, it is a key step to maintain the original appearance of the wedding dress, it can make breathable for the wedding dress, the other it can restore the wedding dress elasticity.

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